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Thread: Leading Edge Model M BIOS

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    I'm trying to follow this one. The BIOS file is 4000h bytes long or 16K, which implies a 27128 EPROM (28 pin).

    EGA and VGA are both supported by BIOS extensions on the video card, so it doesn't matter, so long as the BIOS supports extension ROMs (which it does). Only CGA and MDA/MGA don't require BIOS extension support.

    But then, maybe I'm being very dense and all of this has already been said.

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    No one else has the tech manual? I have it or something, but it's a mess, all mixed up with NCR docs. If someone has a scanner and promises to crank the stuff out in as short a time as possible ...

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    Ok, so I went to storage and pulled out the original manuals I have for the M, and on pg 183 of the technical manual it says to set SW1 5&6 to off, so all the online resources I found with Model M switch settings were wrong (I was changing SW2).

    So, With the BIOS upgrade to 4.71 and the switches set, the system boots up perfectly with the VGA card installed and no POST error codes.


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