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Thread: Greetings from Ohio

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    Default Greetings from Ohio

    Greetings all

    My name is Ken. I reside in Northern Ohio about 30 miles SW of Cleveland. Anybody in the area?

    I started my interest with computers in 6th grade with a MicroVac 601 analog computer. That was in 1962 or so.
    Always been a techno geek, Cars, Audio gear, Photography, then computers starting again in the early 80's.
    XTurboPower was the name I put on the my first Turbo PC-XT compatible I built. Parts mostly came from JDR.

    I currently collect 1970's - 1980's 8-bit home computers. I have acquired some interesting pieces and am always looking for more.
    Also CPU's.

    I spent over 25 years as a hardware tech in IT, and managed to salvage a lot of pieces.
    Finally got a place to start setting it up and currently doing that.

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    Hi Ken, welcome to the VCFed forums!

    I'm in North Carolina so not very near you. I do go right through Cleveland whenever I drive to see relatives in Michigan.

    Your background is very similar to many of us so I'm sure you'll find lots of like minded retro computing enthusiasts here.

    Happy New Year!


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    Hi, Ken, and welcome. Yes, I'm in your neighborhood, location-wise and background-wise.


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    I'm from ohio and welcome.
    I have dyslexia, I have alot of trouble putting my thoughts into words and spelling/grammar is something I struggle with.
    You may need to read my posts twice to understand what I said.


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