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Thread: Announcing 8bit-Unity: Cross-platform SDK for 8bit games

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    Default Announcing 8bit-Unity: Cross-platform SDK for 8bit games

    Hey guyz,

    Last month I released 8bit-Slicks for the C64, Atari XL and Apple//e. It is the first cross-platform online game for 8bit era computers.

    While developping the game, I organized my project into a "game" part, and a "SDK" part, for future re-use. It then occured to me that other people would benefit from this base for development of cross-platform 8bit games.

    So I am announcing the planned release of 8bit-Unity in the second quarter of 2019. The SDK will contain everything to let you create simple online 8bit games in C code once, and deploy on all supported platforms easily (C64, Atari XL, Apple//e, and more in future such as the Atmos!).

    So they tuned!!!

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    To keep things fresh, here goes a roadmap update on the next versions 0.2 and 0.3:


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