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Thread: Digital RGB on VGA connector pinout?

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    Default Digital RGB on VGA connector pinout?


    I have a Mitsubishi FA3415 CRT monitor that needs replacement.

    This monitor has one VGA connector for video and some jumper/switch settings for the video type input. As you can see the jumper settings are set for TTL (digital) so I guess the video is some type of older digital RGB format but not VGA (or VGA supports digital RGB?). The problem determining the pinout, without messing with the monitor or the PC/display adapter. As you can see connector uses only 6 pins of the 15 that are 6,8,9,11,13,14 and this makes no sense according to the vga pinout (or it does?).

    Has anyone seen this pinout? (TTL digital RGB in a DE-15 connector)
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    It's a multisync.

    If you disconnect the video cable it's likely got a 9 pin connector for CGA/EGA.
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    Mitusbishi made some interesting monitors under the Diamondscan label, which can do MDA, CGA, composite, EGA and VGA (up to about 800x600). Mine uses a DB-25 connector on the monitor and various "pigtail" connectors for 9 or 15 pin video sources. I see that yours even allows MDA in various color schemes.

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    Ok, I got the service manual for the monitor, so the connector pinout turns out like this:

    1   GND
    2   N.C.
    3   GND
    4   N.C.
    5   GND
    6   GND (*)
    7   G'
    8   V (*)
    9   H (*)
    10  N.C.
    11  G (*)
    12  R'
    13  R (*)
    14  B (*)
    15  B'
    and now it makes sense
    Thanks for your answers.
    If someone wants the service manual of this monitor PM me.


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