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Thread: FreHD Help !! Help !!

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    My wife just bought me a FreHD for Christmas and I installed it today on my 4P. I can't get it to work. When I connect it to power, the green LED blinks for an instant, then nothing. When I insert the SD card it blinks again, but I cant get anything to work.
    I have tried the ldos bootdisk that came with the package and nothing. I tried using autoboot versions of CP/M 2.2 and LSDOS, but nothing...

    I checked the power supply and its right at 5 volts. I checked the SD card on my PC and it seems ok. I even reformated it fat32 just in case, and tried it again.
    When I watch videos of Frehds being used, the green LED stays on for a few seconds, but mine just flashes and stays out. Is this ok?
    I checked the docs and they say that when connected to power, but not to the computer, the red LED should light up, but when I tried this nothing happens, so I think it may be a problem with the board.

    Any ideas what to check??
    Aside from the proper hard4-0 file, do I need any other files on the SD card?


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    Problem fixed, sort of...
    It WILL boot the auto-boot lsdos file from the hard drive if I hold down the F1 button, but won't boot from a boot-disk...

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    Have a talk to the person you purchased it from.
    You will need a ROM replacement in the 4P Perhaps

    If it ain't Broke then PLEASE DONT fix it.
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