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Thread: Need matched pair: CQKC binary and pdf listing (any revision)

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    Default Need matched pair: CQKC binary and pdf listing (any revision)

    CQKC is of course the 11/40,45 instruction exerciser. The only listing pdf I've found is for CQKC-D-D. But the only binaries I've come across are for revisions E0, G1 and G2. And the fault locations I'm having trouble with in any of those binaries don't correspond with the rev D listing (not surprising).

    There's a reason I need to know precisely what instruction sequences are failing rather than just a go, no-go test. Hence the need for a matched binary/listing pair.


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    It always hard to find a matching diagnostic listing and binary pair. If you are lucky the code at the location where your CPU fails hasn't changed between versions. Then it is just a matter of find its location which should be possible with some disassembly of the code. I usually use PDP11GUI since it includes an disassembler which copies the code from memory of the machine.

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    Okay, so I just typed the octal values from the CQKC-D-D listing into a file by hand (lol). About 6500 lines of input by the time I got finished. Then I wrote a small C-language program to process the file, do some consistency checking and emit a binary file in "absolute format" (.abs) suitable for use by the absolute loader.

    This worked fine and has already helped me uncover some bugs in my main project (11/40 related). There's nothing like having a good diagnostic with a matching commented listing.

    I'll eventually post it on Github in case it's of use to anyone. I need to check a few more code paths first, especially those involving the memory relocation via disk drive feature. There were obviously some transcriptions errors during input so things need to be checked very carefully. Fortunately an error in transcription usually has disastrous rather than subtle consequences. So they are fairly easy to find.


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