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Thread: cost of old computer

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    Default cost of old computer

    Hi guys!
    I found an old grandfather's computer and I don`t know what to do with it.
    There are keyboard, monitor, disk-driver 8 inches.
    Everything is working.
    How much does this model cost in the US market?

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    I'd assume that it is a no-name gray box system. Such complete systems (without display) sell on eBay for $75 - $200.
    It is possible, that you can make more money by selling the components separately (vs. a complete system).

    Your system appears to have the following components:
    1. A motherboard with 386SX-40MHz CPU. The reasonable price is something like $50. You might see much higher prices on eBay (up to $350). I don't think anyone in his right might would pay as much, unless they need to replace a motherboard an industrial piece of equipment, and need 100% compatibility.
    2. 2 MB for RAM. Likely in a form of two 1 MB SIMMs - $8
    3. ISA Multi-IO. Say $50
    4. 40 MB IDE drive. Difficult to say... Not many drives survived from that time, but there are cheaper replacements available. Say $50.
    5. A floppy drive or two. I doubt they are 8". More likely 3.5" or perhaps 5.25" for the system of that time period. 3.5" drives are still dirt-cheap - less than $10, 5.25" drives are slightly more expensive - $25 or so.
    6. VGA controller. Depends on the type of the controller, but cheaper ones go for $30.
    7. CRT VGA display, say 14" as they were really common during that time. $40. Shipping would cost more than the monitor...
    8. Case/power supply... Not sure about this one.
    9. AT type keyboard. Really cheap ($10), unless a high quality, e.g. IBM Model M.

    There is always the alternative of keeping this part of computer history to yourself, and enjoying some late 80's games on it

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    not to mention the 386 40Mhz was the last/fastest production 386 cpu. (kind of like the elusive Harris 20mhz 286 cpu). Is say $75 to $200 is a bit of an overstatement. $20 - $100 US is more realistic.

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    It's a 386sx, and only has 16 data lines. A 386dx would be faster, as it has 32.

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    I don't know if they're still around, but it wasn't too long ago that there was someone selling 386SX SBCs on that "bay" site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sergey View Post
    I'd assume that it is a no-name gray box system.
    I'm not an expert in identifying old computers, but I don't think that's a no-name system. If you look at the top-right corner, you'll see the BIOS version/code, which appears to be from an Acer computer.


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