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Thread: Where can I get a PDP-8 for a reasonable price?

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    Default Where can I get a PDP-8 for a reasonable price?

    Hey everyone, let me introduce myself first. I had just graduated university and was looking for a PDP-8 computer to repair since I had done repairs on older apple II computers and had made a small amount of money from fixing more modern Apple tech. Upon looking in sites like Ebay I found that the prices were far too high for me. Where can I get one for a reasonable price ~1500$?

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    My suggestion is to find one from industry. Within the past year, I was very pleasantly surprised to get an 8/a (albeit only with operator's console and not a programmer's console) that had been listed on Craigslist. There is a thread here on this forum some time in the past year about an adventure that Eugene and I had to a company on Long Island that made specialty equipment for the printing industry. They used to use pdp-8/a, then 11/23, then sadly currently PCs for the controls of the machines they made/make. They had kept an 8/a and multiple 11/23s to service key customers. Since all customers had now upgraded to more modern controls, all the DEC hardware could be disposed of. Fortunately Eugene's keen eye on Craigslist spotted this opportunity. He got the 11s, while I got this 8/a ( (pictured after I cleaned it all up, and the deal did not include the VT52, which I had already).

    Given today's ebay market prices, the Craigslist price was quite reasonable.

    PDP-8/e/f/m/a were used in many industrial control applications and undoubtedly they are still out there running today. Our CNC Bridgeport milling machines at work *STILL* have M7270 LSI-11 processors in them and are running every workday.


    PS. It is also good that machines used for industrial control may likely have general purpose I/O hardware in them for use in hobbyist projects!
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