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Thread: FDISK "Divide Overflow" on 256MB CF Card

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    Do you have another PC with a serial port as well as a null modem cable? You could even make a null modem cable; it's pretty easy.

    You could use something like fastlynx to transfer over the xtidecfg utility over serial. Fastlynx can upload itself over the serial port to your machine; so you don't need to write it to your floppy disk.
    System 80 Expansion Interface located! Thanks to all who helped out and the good people in the NZ vintage computer forums!

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    So, my coworker and I were able to fix the BIOS and the card. My soldering was partly to blame, my solder itself was also partly to blame. We reflashed the XT-IDE BIOS and I'll now be keeping that stuff safely tucked away on a disk.

    Because I was able to read and write to the CF card (but still not boot), I copied MS-DOS 5.00 install disk images to it and then wrote them to 5 360k floppies. I then made an MBR on the CF card with FDISK /MBR, deleted the drive's partitions with FDISK, made a new 256 MB partition on the drive, set it to "Active", and reformatted it with FORMAT. From there, I was able to install DOS 5 from disk and the CF card boots the system as a hard drive.

    Thanks to everybody here for all of your help on this problem!

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