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Thread: Sinclair Amstrad APC 386 SX / Amstrad 3386 SX - help!

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    Default Sinclair Amstrad APC 386 SX / Amstrad 3386 SX - help!


    I have a Sinclair Amstrad APC 386 SX, also known as Amstrad 3386 SX, complete main unit with original 40MB Seagate HDD.
    There is practically zero documentation on the web of this machine. Does anyone have anything related to the motherboard, jumper configurations and keyboard protocol?

    I don't have an original keyboard and it seems to not follow the PC keyboard, the connector is different and it has different lines on it, no clock, etc...
    Without a keyboard it is impossible to boot, as the cmos expired and it stops at detecting wrong floppy configuration.

    Thanks a lot

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    I'm guessing the keyboard is the same as the Amstrad 2386, in which case it's a proprietary system - the controller IC in the keyboard combines the functionality of the 8042 on the AT motherboard and the 8048 in the AT keyboard.


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