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Thread: Tandy 2000 and 3.5" floppy conversion

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    I will look into the IC tomorrow. The existing 5.25” drive works but it could be how it’s jumpered, too, masking a problem with that chip. Right now it all works with my new cable. Maybe the sub-version of the 3.5” is odd since it was an IBM OEM version.

    Thanks again for all of the help. Great way to end the day

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    Interesting thing. The 1.44MB drive on the PC can read the disk directory but the geometry is all off so it's not usable for cross-platform, yet. The 800.COM program doesn't help. Need to do some research.

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    Using the ZAPMID program to twiddle the FAT_ID is required to make this work. Now cross-platform. Yay!


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