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Thread: Hello from Seattle

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    Default Hello from Seattle

    Just joined this forum although I've been doing retro since, well, when it was cutting edge...

    Originally from the UK but now living in Seattle.

    Interests are mainly focused on Atari and Commodore 8-bits and 16-bit machines, but recently I've been branching out with a Sord M5 and a growing collection of Camputers Lynx machines. There's also a TI99/4A and an Atari PC1 in the collection.

    Hoping to connect with other Lynx users and maybe score a schematic of the joystick interface, or just a couple of hi-res pics of the front and back of the PCB!


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    Hello and welcome to the forum! I was more a Spectrum person myself when growing up, however I did wear out a Commodore 16 plus4 by playing so many games on it the keys used by all the games wore out.
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