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Thread: Archiving QIC tapes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Kossow View Post
    Failure of belts on NOS tape is a known problem. Try finding 150 meg tapes which have different belts.

    I've not had any luck using plastibands as 1/4" replacements (too narrow) or rehydrating old belts with warm water.

    I've given up on archive and wangtek as drives and just use tanberg, preferably first or second generation imbedded SCSI.
    So far, I've not had any problems with the capstans.
    I've all three incarnations here, tandberg, wangtek and archive. I've succesfully replaced the capstans with the right size of rubber pipe, automotive pipes do have a suitable size (I think sometimes I needed two different sizes coaxially inserted into the metallic part of the capstan. I like the archive's one, I could change a 320M drive into a 525M one by upgrading the firmware (new EPROM), I don't know why some older models didn't want to use 6525 tapes but only up to 6320 ones anyway.
    I haven't find a cure for belts failing, so I stopped some time ago using these tapes even for backup of my vintage systems. I have several dozens of all kind of tapes around, probably I should try to archive their contents too (there're quite a few installation images of SunOS for example, but even quite some SysV software and backups of Olivetti LSX-3000 series.
    So few time...


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    I also used automotive high-pressure fuel hose to refurbish the roller on an Archive 2150S I acquired recently. Fortunately the belt was still good.
    To cut the rubber tube to length I pushed a portion over a drill bit, lubed it with dish soap and slit it with a box cutter while spinning on a drill motor.

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    I tried fuel line and found it difficult to cut and anything but radially symmetrical.

    Here's my fix using silicone vacuum hose that I've used on both Archive and Wangtek drives. A tight fit and no glue necessary.

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    [QUOTE=Chuck(G);552626]I tried fuel line and found it difficult to cut and anything but radially symmetrical.

    Norprene tubing works as well, which is what I used on HP 9144 and 9145
    Pretty easy to get a straight cut using a wooden dowel.


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