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Thread: Need Help with CBM-II B128-80 Machine // Computer Hoard Find

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    Default Need Help with CBM-II B128-80 Machine // Computer Hoard Find

    I recently purchased a storage unit full of computers, which was full of mostly Apple II, PC Clones, and Commodore computers, as well as an Apple III and a Digital Group Z80 system.

    One machine I found was a Commodore B128-80 system. The system powers on, but when either return key is pressed to enter a BASIC 4.0 command, the system freezes, with the cursor disappearing. The other keys do not cause any malfunction or irregularities.

    Does anyone know what could be the solution to this? I have attached images of the screen.

    The other systems I found are for sale.
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    Without any further information on the fault or investigation, gut feeling tells me to look at a ROM fault first.

    If things look to be working initially, but fail when you hit RETURN (when the ROM tries to execute the command) looks like some other part of the ROM is at fault.

    Possibly a RAM fault?

    Have you tried '10 PRINT "Hello"' to see if BASIC will store the line followed by LIST. This should use a different part of the ROM.


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