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Thread: PC-XT style case (knockoff)

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    Default PC-XT style case (knockoff)

    I have this XT-style case in great condition up for grabs. It's branded an "IDM pc/xt" or maybe "pclxt" (italics makes this unclear.) I can't find any info about this system. Super solid case, all-metal construction except the plastic face, no broken tabs or other problems.

    It's slightly different in design to a real PC/XT, note that the front face doesn't reach all the way to the bottom and there's a little lip there.


    Click through for photos that weren't murdered by the forum software:

    I haven't tested the PSU but will throw a voltmeter on it if there's interest. Comes with all the case accessories in the photos. I can include the AT keyboard too if you want; It needs a little work though.

    $80 (USD) OBO? Will trade for 16GB (2 x 8GB) G.skill Ripjaws PC3-12800+ or maybe another brand.

    Located in Victoria, BC. Can ship, but likely won't be cheap. Can meet in Vancouver if you pay my ferry fees both ways (~$38 walk-on) and buy me a coffee at the terminal or something.
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