In order to promote the development of hardware collection business, strengthen the mutual understanding and exchange of hardware collectors in the circle, the site will lead the selection of the top 100 computer hardware collections:
1. Candidate conditions
As long as it is a computer hardware collector or an individual with rare hardware, it is possible to enter the leaderboard.
2. Selection criteria
3.Selection data source
3.1 Collectors provide accurate data.Hardware collection score sheet:hardwarw.xls
3.2 Online collection.
3.3 Provided by friends.
3.4 Please send the spreadsheet to
4. Announcement time
The rankings will be updated at the beginning of each month, and the first issue will be announced in January 2019.
5. Other
As an attempt, as well as information asymmetry and other reasons, the shortcomings of this ranking are inevitable. Welcome to correct the hardware collection list, let us do better! Let our hardware collections no longer be lonely!