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Thread: Digital Group Video Card Availability?

  1. Default Digital Group Video Card Availability?

    Couple of questions related to this video card that was initially designed for the Mark-8, but also used with other systems, such as the SCELBI. I'm interested in having one to go with my growing array of SCELBI peripheral devices.

    1) Does anyone have or know of one that may be for sale?

    2) I'm pretty much assuming that the answer to 1 will be no, so am considering building a reproduction. The information needed is already available, so that isn't an issue. Is anyone else on this list interested in building a reproduction? If I can't find an original, once I get the CAD work done, I'd be building a small batch, but the size of the batch partly depends upon interest in the hobby community. More people interested equals lower per unit cost.

    Mike Willegal

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    I can't help directly with any of what you're asking, but I saw earlier today there's a Digital Group system up for sale.

    Are any of the cards shown with it the video card you are interested in?

    Just a long shot...


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    that is a later system, which I understand, has an evolved version of the video card in it


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    Pretty much the only person I know of that has one is Bryan (Byte Collector). I'm a big dg fan and I've never seen one in the wild. I expect I won't.. they look too much like random circuit board junk to be something people will save.

    I'm actually working on a replica myself for my Mark-8 project... basically borrowing from scans and such from Bryan's site. I want mine on vintage PCB stock so it looks correct, but I'd probably be interested in a 'produced' version too.


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