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Thread: Harris 6100 PDP8 microprocessor plus bits

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    Default Harris 6100 PDP8 microprocessor plus bits

    Yet more sorting and tidying and came across these 6100 chip sets. The 6100 executes the PDP8 instruction set.

    HM3-6100C-9 CPU
    3 of HM27C16Q-45 EPROM
    3 of HM1-6561-9 256x4 RAM
    6 of HM3-6514-9 1Kx4 RAM

    Not certain what the second and last chips are, search didn't come up with anything useful.

    It is so long ago I can't remember what these came from, I have three sets as listed above. They have been stored in a poly bag, obviously so long ago I couldn't afford anti-static foam, so looking at 20+ years.

    Any interest? One set or all three? Whilst poor storage they were in a closed environment so static won't have been a problem, but even so, I can't guarantee that any of them actually work! Be warned.

    I am in the UK, can post in anti-static foam.

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    PM sent, thanks!


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