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Thread: Questions about Hard Cars(Hard Drive Cards)

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    Default Questions about Hard Cars(Hard Drive Cards)

    I have a Hard Card with a Seagate ST05X Bios on it installed in my 1000 TX, does this mean I can only use Seagate Hard Drives or can I use any Hard Drive. Also what is the size limit of hard drives I can use on it

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    I used a 32mb hard-card on my SL back in the day and I don't think it was anything different than a standard controller card and drive setup. Its advantage was that it didn't take up a drive bay.
    Mine had the RLL controller which gave 32mb vs 20mb for the MFM controller. I doubt the brand of the drive matters; however, you should match the drive to the card (MFM or RLL). I did use the cheaper MFM drives on RLL cards for the extra capacity but reliability was hit and miss...some worked great and others not at all.

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    No, you can't use any old drive with the ST05X (info here).
    The ST05X works only with "XTA" (XT 8-bit interface drives; not the same as IDE, although the connectors look the same).
    XTA drives weren't made for very long and working ones are very difficult to come by.

    old VCF thread on the subject


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