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Thread: IBM SCSI Controller 71G3575 (MCS700) works well with PS/2 P70 (8573) ?

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    Default IBM SCSI Controller 71G3575 (MCS700) works well with PS/2 P70 (8573) ?

    Just a short question - if my ESDI drives are now almost dead in my PS/2 P70 (8573), can I remove the ESDI drives and replace it with a SCSI HDD & an IBM 71G3575 (MCS-700) SCSI Controller ?
    I want to boot from the HDD (not from a floppy disk).
    Thank you in advance for sharing your expirience (I need a confirmation that it really works).

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    If that is the short-card Future Domain controller I am thinking of, I have one in my Tandy 5K. I have a SCSI CDROM, Zip Drive, and internal SCSI2SD running from it. It works well.
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