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Thread: List of Peoples Personal Vintage/Retro Computing Blogs

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    Cool List of Peoples Personal Vintage/Retro Computing Blogs

    I couldn't see a list of peoples own personal blogs about their Vintage/Retro computing hobby so thought I'd start a thread as I'm interested to see what other people blog about as I've recently started my own blog detailing my Vintage/Retro journey.

    Moderators: if this is not allowed then my apologies and please delete this thread. Assuming it is allowed please input your personal blog URLs below!

    My personal blog:

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    It would be interesting to see what people are writing about, I blog about vintage computers on my TechTinkering website.

    Although I haven't been been active on the vintage computer front for the last couple of years,
    other than doing this years advent of code challenge, day 6 in Commodore 128 Basic 7.0.

    I've decided to get back into blogging again, but can't decide what I want to concentrate on.
    I'm split between the PDP-8, Commodore 128 and CP/M. Whatever I decide it
    will largely be centred around programming as that's what I'm most interested in.

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    My blog is in my signature.
    @ BillDeg:
    Twitter: @billdeg
    Youtube: @billdeg
    Unauthorized Bio

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