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Thread: Kinda noobie but not too much

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    Default Kinda noobie but not too much

    Hi guys! I'm new here but i've been on the Retro Machines and Vintage computer club on facebook for a long time, i always use this forum for reference so i figured i should finally join it and share my own knowledge! (Even if it's not that impressive yet ) I own a lot of 486 computers, a commodore 64, a Hyperion portable computer, a Zenith "laptop" (maybe if you're a bodybuilder you can use it on your lap) and some pentium 3 machines including a dual coppermine P3 agp board and a single tualatin (TUSL2C) with some 3dfx goodies

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    Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your time here.


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    I just saw the 8-Bit-Guy did a video showing off a Hyperion, pretty cool stuff.

    How many 486's is a lot? What do you do with them?

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    Welcome to the forum! I've not been a member long but have found it to be very interesting and very helpful
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