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Thread: Component level repair

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    Does anyone do (for hire) component level repair on boards? I have a Model III that I believed I recapped both power supplies last summer. Plugged in last month, worked for a bit and started getting iffy. Eventually it got to the point it wouldn't boot and I noticed one of the caps in the power supply had a big crack in it.

    I dont have the time and have forgotten most of the skills needed. I do have a Beckman 9020 but component testing is easier with a good board for a baseline.

    I am sure I am not the only who has one or more bad boards on hand. It would be a shame to see any of them get tossed or go to recycling. I'd rather pay for shipping and have someone see if there is any life left in them first.
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    Odds are that the PSU cap with the crack is just a RIFA line filter cap. Not terribly important to operation.

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    We may be able to help diagnose the issue if you could share more details. It may not be a component on the main board causing the issue.
    Does the screen light up? What do you see? Just raster or garbage characters or something else?
    Do the drives spin?
    Try pressing reset while holding down the break key. Do you get to Model III Basic?
    Have you tried different disks?
    Pictures or video will help too.


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