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Thread: Leaking Caps in H7821 PSU

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    Default Leaking Caps in H7821 PSU

    So one of the capacitors in my VAXserver 3100 decided to start leaking. I had it on and picked up that fishy smell. Poked around and found some residue around the base of a capacitor, great...

    So these caps are on the far side away from mains input and more on the side of the outputs to the mainboard.

    I have no idea what the ESR of these caps need to be! I know they're 25V 1800μF caps, but beyond that I'm lost.

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    Using the Mouser website, put in 1800uf capacitor and pick the closest look alike, at least 25V and anything 1800 uf or more. Back in those days, ESR wasn't a rating of importance to power supply filter capacitors I don't believe.

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    Thanks for the reply. I was having a hard time finding ESRs values for replacement caps of the same type in the PSU anyway. I'm looking at these:

    Mostly looking at lifetime hours, but I'm unsure on the impedance, unless it doesn't matter?


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