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Thread: Roland Super JV-1080 for a PC?

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    Default Roland Super JV-1080 for a PC?

    Would a Roland Super JV-1080 work in place of a MT-32? I just found one on ebay and thought it looked pretty cool.

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    I mean, assuming you're talking about MIDI signalling, of course. Any MIDI capable device will work. Mad versatile synth, I have one in my studio that I use for ambience in my music.
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    It may be possible to rig it up with a roughly-equivalent patch set to the MT-32 factory set, though it's been a million years since I owned one and I can't remember how easy it is to change MIDI program-number mapping. However, it's not going to work with MT-32 specific patch sets, so any game that uses a custom set is going to sound wrong.
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    It is General Midi compatible, it is not MT32 compatible. It will work like an SC55 or SC88 in the GM sense.


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