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Thread: What kinda RAM works in 386 IBM PS/2 systems?

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    Default What kinda RAM works in 386 IBM PS/2 systems?

    Picked this Kingston RAM card up for my P70. I know not all 72-pin is the same... what will work on this? Any chance any of the sticks I have might be the right ones? Otherwise it's back to eBay!

    Manual says it'll take 3x KTM4000/M70 (4mb each) for 16mb max. Trying to find the specs on those.


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    Hmm, according to this, the card I chose (KTM-3011-4) will NOT break the 16mb barrier in my P70. That's OK, long as I can get to that 16mb mark.

    So, with 4mb built on to the card, what configuration do I need to get the other 4mb? A single 4mb stick? Two 2mb?

    If one 4mb will work, might this one?



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