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Thread: ISA-486SV2 Keyboard interface error

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZapdoZ View Post
    Thank you all so much!

    I found three broken traces and set a jumper to replace all of them.

    Now I can finally get into the system BIOS and the keyboard errors is gone!

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    Those early BIOS color schemes were god-awful. What were they thinking?

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    Worse than the AMI WinBIOS. The WinBIOS was actually pretty good since it'll allow the user to use the mouse to navigate, and they ended up going back to the keyboard-only navigation BIOS. A lot of people didn't like the AMI WinBIOS at all, which I understand.

    Better to have AMI for the BIOS over Award (I had a board that suffered miserably and the BIOS had the infamous Y2K bug). Also, you can switch to different color schemes for that BIOS, I believe.
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