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Thread: PowerMate SX20 problems

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    Default PowerMate SX20 problems

    So I managed to pickup a PowerMate SX20 few weeks ago and I've been trying to restore it.

    The computer boots but HD is dead, so I got a hold a 560MB HD that only boots with an EIDE controller, because the BIOS is not detecting the HD off the motherboard.
    So I bought a new CMOS battery from Jameco, the one pictured installed is the new RTC chip and the old one is above, however currently I'm unable to save the BIOS settings after rebooting the PC
    could this be a problem with the new battery? or did I purchase the incorrect battery?

    Another thing that I noticed is that there are two chips that don't seem to "fit" properly on the socket (ROM-S071) and the one right beside it, is that normal?

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    I wonder what the state is of the battery within your DS12887.

    Be aware that on some motherboards, a DS12887 is not always a replacement for a DS1287. For an example of one known issue, see the 'I tried replacing my DS1287 with a DS12887 and it didn't work!' section (on page 13) of the document at [here].

    An example of a particular computer where the DS12887 is unsuitable, is mentioned in post #24 of the earlier thread at [here], where member lutiana wrote, "the Dell 316SX is apparently one of the few machines that does not like the Dallas 12887 as a replacement for the 1287."

    Some people rework the old DS1287, disconnecting the internal battery, then attaching a holder for a coin cell.


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