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Thread: Search doesn't work

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    Default Search doesn't work

    If I search for all posts by myself, it returns nothing.

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    Use google, just add "site:" to the search term (no quotes of course).

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    VCF search function hasn't worked right in a long time. Google site search gets what you're after, as lutiana says.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lutiana View Post
    Use google, just add "site:" to the search term (no quotes of course).
    You can also just use:

    which works exactly the same.

    Actually, I prefer using a bookmarklet as it's easier than typing all that. It supplies everything but the search term itself which it prompts you for when you click on it:

    javascript:function f(){var q=prompt('Search for');if(q!=null){location.href='''+'+encodeURICompone nt(q);}}f();

    FWIW, this bookmarklet will work for any site you're currently on (IOW, it's generic) as there is no location hard coded into it.
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    Thanks for answering. I'll try that next time.

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    It works now.


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