Hi all! I will be moving so need to reduce my collection of vintage computer gear. I have placed some pictures of the many things I am selling on this post. I am adding new things each day. A short list of items...

  • DECTalk Voice Synths (aka Stephan Hawkings)
  • Tandy 1000SX IBM PC
  • acoustic modem
  • Tandy Model 100 Portable
  • NEC PC201 Portable (like the Tandy 100 Portable)
  • Compaq portable that is a beast (aka early portable!)
  • TRS-80 CoCo with composite MOD
  • Apple II drive
  • Vortrax Voice Synth (a serious bad ass speech synth w/ Vortrax IC!!!!)

There are some music samples CDs in my list so keep scrolling to the end.

Also, there is a iSlate tablet. It's not retro but with the EYE TRACKER, it cost a total of $20K.

All my items are here...

All are shipping from my place in Mass. Outside of Boston.
I have turned on Global shipping for all items too.

Thanks for helping make my move easier folks!