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Thread: Need help/info for Wang PC382

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    When my Wang acts up I smash it against the wall or slam a door on it. You know, to show it who's boss! Sorry, had to...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2icebitn View Post
    Why does it have to be another VGA card? I've previously run a CGA, tandy deluxe text, and my IBM PGC card in this thing. But now only the VGA produces any output.
    The way I see it, it's a problem with either the VGA card or the motherboard. If you replace the VGA card and that fixes the problem then great, if not, then at least you will know for sure it's the motherboard and you can start troubleshooting that. And I imagine that will be a lot harder than just trying another VGA card. So it's just a matter of trying the simplest things first, that's all. You could also try the VGA card in another computer to see if it works there. But you did mention that this was your only PC so I guess that option is out (unless you can get help from someone local).

    The other types of graphics cards you tried might fail because of some other reason unrelated to this particular problem.
    Looking for a cache card for the "ICL ErgoPRO C4/66d V"

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    But I already said I don't have another VGA card. And those cards worked previously in the Wang. I entertained the thought that maybe my CGA cable was bad, but there wasn't even drive activity.


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