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    While having a tussle with the vertical hold on my Phillips CM8833 I wondered if I could drive a VGA monitor from a PC with the composite signal from the birdsnests that I keep assembling. It turns out there are muliple little converter boxes that do the trick on Ebay etc. Has anyone got any views (pun!) on those?
    I would be looking to output from my circuit a regular HSYNC (50Hz), VSYNC (15.625Khz) (often from a 6845 IC) and a video signal, all at 5volt logic levels. Of course, I currently have a range of favourite little circuits (a couple of gates, resistors and diodes) to combine those signals to a sort of ragged PAL signal, and currently I squirt that into the CM8833.
    In truth, I see that converter box as a dirty fix - I like to know what is going on in a circuit. It would be even better if I could avoid having to mix those signals before conversion, so has anyone come across a homebrew circuit to accept TTL syncs & signal, and to output a VGA signal?

    Paul, Portsmouth, UK

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    I have a fourdja that does it well.

    Find a scan doubler


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