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Thread: Hi from Spain!

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    Red face Hi from Spain!

    Hi! Great to find that many people loving this retro computers!

    I had my C64C as a gift when I was 8 and I still remember the moment I stripped the paper of the gift box to reveal the C= logo! Most probably that was something that defined my professional career, and I still love this retro computers. I'm involved in modern programming projects (you can see some of them here: and some years ago I re-discovered my old C64 and I'm now taking care of it. Also got that 1541 drive I wanted sooo bad, only 40 years after!


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    Wonder where in Spain you are. I have a house in Torrox, Malaga, but I don't have any vintage kit out there its all in the UK

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    Quote Originally Posted by loren View Post
    Also got that 1541 drive I wanted sooo bad, only 40 years after!Cheers!
    Thats one of the best thing about retro computing! You can finally get all that expensive gear you couldnt have back when it was new!

    Welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome and hi from spain as well!

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    Hi Dave, I'm near Barcelona! Took a look at your webpage and I'm mesmerized, that's some serious stuff! I definitely have to take a deep look at those ACC Magazines, they look lovely!

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    Thanks! Indeed, and some new gear too! Problem is, I'm not sure if it's being cheaper to own a C64 nowadays than it was before, just taking into account so many tiny little lovely gadgets and gimmicks you can buy now! haha cheers!


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