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Thread: Socket 4 Overdrive Processor

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    Default Socket 4 Overdrive Processor

    I'm going to be picking up an old Dell as my new tweener soon, it originally had a 60mhz Pentium but now has a Pentium Overdrive. How rare are these things? I didn't know an overdrive cpu existed for socket 4.

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    Socket 4 only existed for about two years before it was replaced with Socket 5. Intel made a grave error running the CPU at 5 volts, which caused excessive heat and power consumption.

    As with most special upgrade chips, they usually came long after the socket they were intended for was obsolete. They were also generally pretty expensive (especially the Intel variants), meaning that not many were sold in the market. Most of the prospective buyers were people that got stuck with an abandoned socket and didn't want to spend thousands on a new machine with a socket 5/7 motherboard.

    Socket 4 came out in 1993, was done by late 1994 and the overdrive parts were released in 1995/96. They're fairly rare these days since only small numbers were sold back in the day.

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    Some of the 3rd party socket4 upgrades were more interesting (and probably even rarer). Do a search for Powerleap PL-54C/MMX
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    My own experience with OD was iffy at best. I parked mine long ago.
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