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Thread: Looking for a Castaway/Survival pc game from the late early 2000s

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    Default Looking for a Castaway/Survival pc game from the late early 2000s

    So I'm going crazy trying to find this game that I used to play when I was younger, and here are the details that I can remember:

    You start off with a group of survivors on a beach on the side of an island. You can collect resources from trees, and stones to make weapons and tools which you can then use to build structures and fires. There was also some fruit laying around to be gathered for eating. There were dangers such as bears and snakes that can kill your survivors, or you can use your weapons to kill and eat them. If you venture inland there is dense forest and it becomes more dangerous. There was a mountain with some elevation to build a signal fire or structures to be seen more easily for potential rescue (although I never got that far). I think you are stranded there from a plane crash but I'm not entirely sure.

    Please help!

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    Well the scenario reminded me of TV series "Lost", could it be Lost: Via Domus? Although this is late 2000.

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    I remember a DS game called Lost in Blue by Konami. For the PC I vaguely remember a game called stranded or something like that. I can't seem to find it now.

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    Surely not everyone was Kung-fu fighting

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    I remember a Windows game from this timeframe where you are a lone castaway trying to survive. I don't remember a game with multiple castaways.


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