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Thread: Gt40

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    If the terminator is a M930 it can be hard to see at the first glance. They are quite short...

    AB3 and AB5 is the same slots for the terminator as the 8k 11/10 backplane. Then the KM11 should go into AB2, but as you say you need to pull one VT11 board for that to fit of course. Did you find a module utilization drawing for the GT40?

    I think that one terminator is enough in a short backplane like this. Sort of unlikely that anyone would want to extend a GT40 with a unibus expander.

    My 11/10 has been starting up happily without grant continuity. Of course interrupts wouldn't work, but it will happily execute code and and act on the front panel switches.

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    Thanks for the help. Our museum is moving to a new space in the building across the parking lot. The first system to move will be the PDP-9 from the warehouse to the new space. We plan to connect the TC02 that Charles donated, and borrow a TU55 from the PDP-8/I. Then maybe we can run a real OS on the PDP-9. I will probably have lots of PDP-9 questions for you.
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