I've horsing around with the DATE command. The OS/8 handbook 1974 and System Reference manual 1973 say that the DATA command format is

DAte mm/dd/yy

But, this would only result in an error message BAD DATE. Then I found the OS/8 System Reference manual 1979 which has the command format as

DAte dd/mmm/yy

Where the mmm is the letters JAN, OCT. This works on my computer. I experimented with the date range and found that 01-JAN-70 through 31-DEC-99 works. Outside of this range causes the error message BAD DATE.

Then in the OS/8 Software support manual I found the DATE storage spot, address 17666. This word is defined as Bit 0,1,2,3 is the month, Bit 4,5,6,7,8 is the date and Bit 9,10,11 is the year. If 17666 contains 0001 00001 000 or 0410 octal the date 1/1/1970 is saved. Then if any of these bits are changed you can have any date through 12/31/1977. Yet using the DATE command I can enter dates up to 12/31/1999. I found that address 17666 is 0410 for dates 1/1/1970, 1/1/1978, 1/1/1986 and 1/1/1994.

Another item, I could not increase the date via the DATE command past 12/31/1999, yet if the address 17666 is set to 0417, the date reports

Monday January 1, 19 1.

Within the program CCL there is a constant con19 test /, 19/. I think that this is added to the date string when the date is printed out. So the year 2001 works the leading zero doesn't work and the wrong century is displayed.

Anyway, I was thinking of how the date could be 'updated' to show 21st century dates. Some where in the keyboard monitor there must be a routine that adjusts the year from 70 to 0. AND there has to be another word somewhere that keeps track of the 'Octal Decade'? This would allow dates after 1977. There must be some routine that subtracts 70 from the year. I was thinking that if I could find this routine and change it to subtract 10 instead, then the date range would be 2010 through 2042. The CCL con19 would have to change to con20 text /, 20/.

Has anybody looked at this? Is my thinking good? AND how can I look at the code for the Keyboard Monitor? Is the KM part of OS/8? I don't see this code in CCL. I'm going to continue to look, but if anyone has any ideas....... Thanks Mike