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Thread: Commodore 64 Assembly - 64MON?

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    Default Commodore 64 Assembly - 64MON?

    I am looking for an Assembler for my Commodore 64, and see "64MON" referenced in my Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide (1980s). Is this cartridge available anywhere, or is something similar available on a disk for my 1541-II? My searches on the web have not located anything, although I see some mentioned on YouTubes.

    I need to buy something that I am sure will "connect" to my Basic code.

    Thank you.

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    You could write your own.

    If you run out of options you can have a copy of mine. But it's slower than snot; I don't have a working copy of the assembled version anymore/yet.

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    IIRC, 64MON was a ML monitor. Although you can use it to enter ML it will not be the best choice for writing a program in ML. You want a full assembler. Do a search for c64 Merlin or Commodore's own Assembly package, C64 Macro Assembler Development System. There are many other Assemblers out there too.

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    IIRC, Commodore even published several. I think I have a couple.

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    Thank you for the good information. Writing my own at this time would be beyond "my scope"! I am following up on some of the others, and will advise on what/if I find!!

    What is ITRC?

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    IIRC = if I remember correctly

    There are also many nice cross-assemblers, if you have the capability of exchanging files between your PC/Mac and your 64.
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    If you are just starting with 6502 assembly language you might want to use something like SuperMon or MicroMon. These are really machine language monitors but I believe both of them have mini-assemblers (and disassemblers) built in that let you type in short bits of code and execute them immediately. I think both of them were published in COMPUTE! magazine so they should be straightforward to get ahold of.

    For bigger projects you will want a "real" assembler of course. You might prefer to use a PC for this, with a cross-assembler, because the C64 keyboard wasn't terribly good and the different keyboard layout causes your muscle memory to constantly hit the wrong keys.

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    Thanks all..... I am seeing some things on eBay, missed one bid, and am still not sure what is best to get. (??). The coding would be modest at first to check things out, but could get a lot more later.

    I coded a lot in the early 1980s in Fortran with Assembly Language subroutines on PDP11s, and somehow the PDP11 compiled everything from the code I typed on the screen. I want to do the same thing on the C64 using Basic with Assembly subroutines. I am not excited about trying to use cross-assemblers! Anything I get has to assemble and work seamlessly with Basic.

    Would this fine tune any of the suggestions you have????….while I figure this all out. Thank you.

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    Here is one I forgot all about and it is good. It is called Turbo Macro Pro:

    And here is a really good video that shows it in action by 8-bit Show and Tell.

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    Thank you. How do I get it on a disk for my C64 (I have no modem for it)???

    I was bidding on "C64 Macro Assembler development System Book & Assembler Disk" but lost in the last 1 second.

    Where can I buy either of these outright??


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