Greetings: FYI, section 4 of our Contacts and Links page of has a link to the site and several other computer history sites.
This week we are posting an obit for Dr. Abraham Franck on our VIP Club Legacy, People, deceased page, Dr. Franck just passed away at age 100 on January 19th! Abe was the original designer of the Fabri-Tek Bi-Tran 6 in the late 50s. This site,, has many posts and tid-bits by people who learned about computing on the Bi-Tran 6 in the 60s, I had a class using it at the U of MN in 1964.

The VIP Club Legacy Committee welcomes contributions to our legacy anthology, as an example take a look at the 2nd half of the Introduction of our 18-bit computer page,

Keep up the good work preserving the history of computer technology! LABenson