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Thread: Osborne BOOT ERROR

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    Default Osborne BOOT ERROR

    I went up to Vermont to see a friend's Osborne 1a. We booted it as normal, ran SuperCalc and WordStar, used both A and B drives. CRT was strong; no keyboard problems! He offered it to me, and I took the bait!

    Put it in back seat of my car (padded with a blanket), drove home three hours, put it on the kitchen table.

    Powered up, CRT strong, inserted a system disk, pressed Return.

    No action whatever from either drive. No drive light, no spin.

    About ten seconds after pressing Return, display added BOOT ERROR. Every five to ten seconds, another line showing BOOT ERROR.

    But the drive lights never blinked red, and the drive never spun.

    I figure something jiggled loose when I was coming back home. (Darn Massachusetts pot holes ...).

    Are there any suggestions on what to check first? Seems unlikely that *both* drives would fail, when both worked the day before. More like there's no power getting to the drive(s).

    Also, the keyboard works fine in my other Osborne (an Osborne 1).

    EDIT: neither drive light comes on when powering up the computer (rear power switch).

    Tom M.

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    Check the floppy cable. Osbornes power the drives via the floppy cable so if it comes loose, no drives!

    However, if it has a Nuevo floppy board installed the power can be either through the floppy cable if using the original drives OR a regular power connector if DSDD drives are installed.
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    Thanks. Exactly the problem. I opened the case and saw the ribbon cable just barely plugged in to the m/board. Reseated it, and the system works again.

    Tom M.


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