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    We're out of space, so the kit must go. They are free to a good home, so no dealers. Carriage at cost. Email or phone contact is best. Unused for 20 years or more, so be prepared.

    S100 crate with Teletek board set. Probably has EPROM programmer card. Comes with huge box and PSU containing two DS/DD 8" drives. If you want 8" floppies, we've got hundreds.

    Amstrad CPC464 and monitor with floppy drive, two DKtronics 64k RAM packs, and RS232 interface. Pile of developer manuals, cassettes and floppy discs.

    486 PC (DOS) with special floppy controller and software for copying 5.25 and 3.5 inch CP/M floppies. We used this for many years for issuing CP/M software. Floppy card and software by Micro System Design, DiskDupe 5.0 Pro with original manual.


    Stephen Pelc,
    MicroProcessor Engineering Ltd - More Real, Less Time
    133 Hill Lane, Southampton SO15 5AF, England
    tel: +44 (0)23 8063 1441, +44 (0)78 0390 3612
    web: - free VFX Forth downloads

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