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Thread: Osborne RF capacitor

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    Quote Originally Posted by NutmegCT View Post
    Dwight - powered on, O1 uses .6 amp at 120v. Disk activity raises that to .73 amp, then back to .6 when drive stops.
    I thought you were running it at 220V???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwight Elvey View Post
    I thought you were running it at 220V???
    Yikes! standard 110 here. Where did you see I was running at 220V?

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    Oops, I was looking at the original picture and saw the wire on the 220V. I see now that they'd just wired the voltage select to the back panel. Often they don't do this and it is only jumpered on the supply.
    I'm sure you are OK.
    If it were wired for 220V, it would cause excess current for the regulator output transistor and usually ends in the supply failing. Looking at the schematic one wonders why they even connected anything to the 220V post. It is usually just a disconnected position to keep the jumper wire from shorting to something else.
    All the jumper usually does is to connect the 120V position so that the rectifier becomes a voltage doubler for for the regulator DC level. It just surprised me to see a wire connected to the 220V post, since it doesn't usually do anything electrically there except keep if from shorting to someplace it doesn't belong.


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