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Thread: Parts came in, but wrong FFC pitch

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    Default Parts came in, but wrong FFC pitch

    I know we've all had that day when the item arrives and you realize it isn't going to work - that seems to be a staple of working with vintage stuff.

    I'm still trying to get the floppy drive working in my Toshiba T1000SE. I picked up a GoTek and flashed it with flashfloppy and it works great in a PC, but the T1000SE has a 26 pin FFC cable. Apparently that is a 1.2mm pitch FFC cable and the only person making a compact adapter on eBay (in Italy) has a 1.0mm pitch connector on it. So, I've gone from adapter a 1.2mm pitch FFC to 34pin header to now adapting a 1.2mm pitch FFC to 1.0mm pitch FFC to 34 pin header to try to get the GoTek connected...

    At this point I'm tempted to desolder the 1.2mm pitch connector from the bad floppy drive and the 1mm pitch adapter try to wire up the 26 pins by hand...

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    Looking at digikey maybe it is 1.25 not 1.2...


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