Hello friends..

So there's a few micro channel adapters made in the wild by AOX/Kingston with a 386 or 486 attached with an additional memory subsystem on adapter. (MicroMaster/MC Master)

It's primary purpose was to "upgrade" your slower machine to a faster one via a slot. Somehow, magically, it was able to usurp the primary processor and switch over to the one located in the micro channel slot.

Supposedly, AOX also had a software product, OS/Master that included an initiation and config program that would enable you to install multiple CPU adapters into a machine, and you could utilize more than one processor at a time, or even the main system proc and the one on the Master.

I don't suppose anyone has a lead on such a program, or any additional info that might be handy in filling in holes... there's not a terribly large amount of info available on this guy.