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Thread: Backplanes DD11A and MM11F

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    Default Backplanes DD11A and MM11F


    Someone here who could tell me where those belong?

    Handwriting is difficult to read. Could mean 11/20.

    Google is not a friend here.


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    If you add a dash, MM11-F and DD11-A, then google is a bit more friendly: For example and

    Yes. These are pretty old 11/20 style backplanes. I am not sure if a hex board will work in the one possible slot of the DD11-A. At least it should not have any connections in A and B area.

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    Hi Mattis!

    Thank you! I think I actually found the memory board for the MM11-F and some of the FlipChips. It is a foldable Board I have on display at our company. Forgot about it. It is broken but still nice looking. I will bring the pieces back together and put it back on display.



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