My Commodore 8050 is being used in combination with a Pet 8032 (running Basic 4.0)

Good news:
  • Power up diagnostics does not show any errors, I get a solid green LED. That wasn't always the case but I replaced the two 6532s and that fixed the 'zero page' issue that I was initially getting.
  • Both drives spin and heads move. Initially the heads wouldn't move so I replaced the 6522 and that fixed the problem. I also replaced the two 6502s for good measure.
  • Heads have been cleaned
  • Continuity checks have been performed on the IEEE cable and no issues were detected

Current issues:
  • Header commands fails: head appears to remain on track 0 and doesn't move, drive stops spinning after a while and the computer displays a 'bad disk' error. A print ds$ command returns a 'read error'.
  • Directory and Catalog commands have no effect, the computer returns immediately to the ready prompt and the 8050 doesn't react to them.
  • The same issues were replicated on another Pet (8296) with the same 8050
  • I don't have a 'known to be working' 8050 disk that I can use to test the read circuitry (ideally with 8050 diagnostics program(s) on it), nor a 'known to be working' blank disk to test the write circuitry. If someone could mail me such disks, it would be greatly appreciated. I am located in Florida.

    Any guidance/assistance would be greatly appreciated! I don't know where to go from here.