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Thread: Changing computer recycling laws

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown_K View Post
    Intel has had its ups and downs before loosing speed wars with Cyrix, AMD a couple times but I think they are just loosing the war with physics these days. You just can't shrink bits much smaller when you are at the atomic level as it is.
    I suppose Quantum computing will replace the traditional chip micron shrink design, but I don't know much about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Kossow View Post
    Talk about a product designed for obsolescence...

    I have a small stack of Powerbook G3s I keep around because they were the last model with serial and scsi
    that I use when I need something Mac and small, and another stack of the last Dell that had a parallel port
    to run my parallel port prom programmer and talk to my Data I/O Unisite, and another stack of HP i7 probooks
    because they have W7 licenses that I can re-install from DVD.
    Headless laptops aren't so bad. When the screen dies, you can use it like a Commodore 64 if you know what I mean. Most laptops have interchangeable optical drives even though the plastic bezel won't always line up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pearce_jj View Post
    The market is so incredibly small, it's just not worth the bother. A bit like Routemaster buses, plenty enough is preserved already.
    If you say so... I was expecting all you fellow retro PC lovers to be head over heels at the idea of saving as many old computers as possible, so you can have parts machines to last you decades and for your grandchildren too if they get into the hobby. My petition is a good thing. It would be very interesting to see just how many of our vintage computers we collect now will survive to the year 2100... Always think of the future..

    We should think as highly as possible of our old systems, considering that much of our modern tech is pretty much junk cause it spies on us and the hardware is locked down. We should save as many vintage computers as possible. Collect everything early 2010's and older, right before the tech industry's corruption.
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