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Thread: Odd switch on old Toshiba notebook battery

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    Default Odd switch on old Toshiba notebook battery

    It is a PA8712U and on the bottom of it is a small plastic slide switch. You can move it with a pin tool to show RED or not show red. Any ideas what it could be for? The pack is long dead and putting out 1.24V for 6 cells, but it puts out the voltage either way the slide switch is set...

    I've never had much luck cutting these things open, but now that I have a CNC, I am thinking of milling away some of the surfaces to see what I can get at inside. Replacing the batteries would be cool if I could do it.

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    It's to let you give yourself a physical reminder of the battery's condition. You can make up your own scheme of whether red = fully discharged or red = fully charged and then flip the tab accordingly when swapping batteries.

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    The switch is not electrically connected to anything, it only exists to help you to remember if you've charged the battery. You're supposed to set it so that the red dot shows once it's been charged. When the battery needs charging you move the switch to let you know. Particularly helpful if you've got multiple batteries when not all of them need charging.

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    Thanks - that makes sense and clears it up.


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