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Thread: EZ Drive Setup on a 286

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    Default EZ Drive Setup on a 286

    I'm trying to setup the EZ drive bios on a 286 to use a cf hdd. Ez drive won't boot from the floppy drive even though I made the boot disk on that computer. It boots fine in my other computers. If I attempt to run EZ.exe from a dos prompt it freezes when attempting to analyze my hardware. Also the WD main screen isn't shown during startup, which I thought was strange as well. There is no auto setup for the hdd in the 286's on-board bios. I want to be able to use the on-board bios with a cf hdd because I can enable ems memory right from the settings in bios.

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    Many ez drive utilities use 32 bit instructions and require a 386, would be a interesting project for someone to rebuild ez-drive functionality into a generic non branded 16 bit booted.

    Probably won’t happen.

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    Makes sense. Alternative?

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    Just use the XT IDE BIOS booted off either a Network controller (which has a bootable ROM socket of course) or any other ISA device which has the same.

    A little while back I found an ISA LBA Addon card similar to this and it does the job beautifully.
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    There's also "Disk Manager" if you can find a copy. Same idea as EZ-Drive.

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    I have Disk Manager 5.1 and it supports 286 machines.
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