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Thread: Filling the DOS gap of the at that time so-called Windows Accelerator SVGA cards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous Coward View Post
    Ah, I thought we were talking about ISA cards.
    If you're wanting PCI, it's a totally different game. Just get a Trio64V+ and be done with it.

    S3 928 is probably a poor choice for PCI...I don't know if that one supports PCI natively. Either way it's not a mature solution.
    I see.
    Well, I could use expertise for ISA cards too, here are the 2 questions:

    1) While the Pentiums are PCI-based, the 486 is ISA only. I'd apply your suggestions for the 486 (Compaq Prolinea 4/66 DX2). However, in that case, the Whatever ISA SVGA shall have to compete against the ET4000/W32p that is built on the motherboard under a "local bus" (quoting the mobo spec sheet). In other words, it gotta be worth it! If this "local bus" is a 32 bit 33 MHz one, the ISA card will have to compete against basically a kind of a "PCI" ET4000/W32p.

    2) On the PCI Pentiums, what about S3 Vision 968 and/or Cirrus GD5446BV?

    Thanks again!

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    If your 486 already has built in local bus graphics, I doubt any ISA replacement would be worthwhile. W32P is already a pretty decent solution for local bus.

    S3 968 and GD5446 should both offer pretty good DOS performance, and a good windows experience, particularly the 968.
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